My Brilliant Friend – The story of a new name


A series by Saverio Costanzo starring Margherita Mazzucco and Gaia Girace.

The events of the second chapter of My Brilliant Friend pick up exactly where the first season left off. Lila and Elena are sixteen, and both feel they are stuck in a rut. Lila has just got married, but in taking her husband’s surname, it is as if she has lost herself. Elena is a model student but during her friend’s wedding reception, she realises she is happy neither inside the neighbourhood nor outside it. During a holiday on Ischia, the two friends meet up with old childhood friend Nino Sarratore once again, who has since become a promising university student. The seemingly casual encounter changes the nature of their bond forever, sending them off into two completely different worlds. Lila becomes a skilled saleswoman in the elegant shoe shop of the powerful Solara family, in the centre of Naples; Elena, on the other hand, doggedly pursues her studies, even willing to move away to do university in Pisa. The events of My Brilliant Friend spirit us along with the two girls through the heady years of their youth as they follow one another, losing sight of each other before finding one another once again.

 A sery

Year: 2019 Running Time: 50 x 8 min.
Seasons: Episodes:

Saverio Costanzo


Saverio Costanzo was born in Rome on 28 september 1975. He graduated in Sociology of Communication with a thesis on Italian Americans in Brooklyn.

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MBF2_from left, Gaia Girace (Lila) & Margherita Mazzucco (Elena)_photo by Eduardo Castaldo
Gaia Girace & Margherita Mazzucco episodio 1_photo by Eduardo Castaldo
SNC_da sinistra Gaia Girace (Lila Cerullo) e Margherita Mazzucco (Elena Greco)_episodio 4 foto di Eduardo Castaldo_ (5)
Gaia Girace_episodio 5 photo by Eduardo Castaldo
SNC_da sinistra Margherita Mazzucco (Elena Greco) Gaia Girace (Lila Cerullo)_episodio 5 foto di Eduardo Castaldo_2
SNC_in primo piano Margherita Mazzucco (Elena Greco) e Giovanni Amura (Stefano Carracci)_episodio 2 foto di Eduardo Castaldo_